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Feb. 14 - Emeka Okafor (NOR)

Okafor was signed to a second ten day contract with the Pelicans, and considering the depth at the position, it's likely he will stick with the team for the rest of the year if he can stay healthy. He has performed efficiently in low minutes, so keep an eye on him. (@I_am_DanHan)Emeka Okafor profile page

Jan. 30 - Blake Griffin (DET)

The Pistons made a conscious effort to get Andre Drummond more involved in their offense as a playmaker, utilizing him more in hand offs and pumping up his assist totals. What Griffin brings to the table could help them take that line of thinking to the next level. Griffin will lose rebounds to Drummond in Detroit but he's been losing them to DeAndre Jordan in Los Angeles anyway. Expect his value to stay around the same. (@AustinKent)Blake Griffin profile page

Dec. 28 - Julius Randle (LAL)

Time and time again, Randle proves that he's capable of producing efficiently but the Lakers appear to have little interest in actually featuring him as a star. Hold on to the 23-year-old pending free agent for his solid production this year but be especially excited to see what he's capable of with a change of scenery. (@AustinKent)Julius Randle profile page

Dec. 28 - Clint Capela (HOU)

We've been high on Capela for a while now and that hasn't changed. With Chris Paul in the mix now for Houston, Capela is a keeper league star. Eventually the 23-year-old will get consistent starter's minutes and when that happens he'll be among the league's elite in any format that rewards rebounds and blocks. (@AustinKent)Clint Capela profile page

Dec. 28 - Marco Belinelli (PHI)

Belinelli is streaky enough to warrant consideration in fantasy but he doesn't hold significant value outside of deep redraft leagues. Take a flyer on him if you need guard depth but don't rely on him to pack an efficient punch every time out. (@AustinKent)Marco Belinelli profile page