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NBA Games

BOS (114)
PHI (103)
JE: 15/10/5
CLE (99)
TOR (133)
JV: 15/18/1
LAC (121)
SAC (115)
BG: 18/12/6
SAS (81)
LAL (93)
LB: 18/10/6
ORL (119)
WAS (125)
BB: 21/13/4
CLE (95)
IND (97)
LJ: 27/8/11
UTA (88)
CHA (99)
DM: 35/5/0
BKL (110)
ATL (105)
DS: 34/3/7
GSW (108)
MIL (94)
DG: 21/10/7
NYK (108)
MIN (118)
KT: 23/15/9
POR (113)
NOR (119)
DC: 24/19/8
MEM (78)
DEN (87)
MG: 22/11/2
HOU (112)
PHO (95)
CP: 25/8/6
LAL (107)
DAL (101)
JR: 23/15/2
SAC (105)
LAC (126)
WC: 23/13/4
Current Time: 06:38 pm

NBA Headlines

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - LAL
Caldwell-Pope: 5 steals vs. SASJan. 11
Lou Williams - LAC
Williams: 50 points vs. GSWJan. 10
Kevin Durant - GSW
Durant: 40 points vs. LACJan. 10
Chris Paul - HOU
Paul: 37/7/11/0/3 vs. PORJan. 10
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: 38/10/5/0/4 vs. MINJan. 10
Jimmy Butler - MIN
Butler: 26/7/8/2/4 vs. OKLJan. 10
Kris Dunn - CHI
Dunn: 5 steals vs. NYKJan. 10
Jarrett Jack - NYK
Jack: Triple-double vs. CHIJan. 10
Andre Drummond - DET
Drummond: 22/20/5/2/2 vs. BKLJan. 10
Kemba Walker - CHA
Walker: 41 points vs. DALJan. 10

Recent Player Analysis

12/28 - Julius Randle

Time and time again, Randle proves that he's capable of producing efficiently but the Lakers appear to have little interest in actually featuring him as a star. Hold on to the 23-year-old pending free agent for his solid production this year but be especially excited to see what he's capable of with a change of scenery. (@AustinKent)Julius Randle profile page

12/28 - Clint Capela

We've been high on Capela for a while now and that hasn't changed. With Chris Paul in the mix now for Houston, Capela is a keeper league star. Eventually the 23-year-old will get consistent starter's minutes and when that happens he'll be among the league's elite in any format that rewards rebounds and blocks. (@AustinKent)Clint Capela profile page

12/28 - Marco Belinelli

Belinelli is streaky enough to warrant consideration in fantasy but he doesn't hold significant value outside of deep redraft leagues. Take a flyer on him if you need guard depth but don't rely on him to pack an efficient punch every time out. (@AustinKent)Marco Belinelli profile page

12/28 - Dewayne Dedmon

A leg injury put a damper on Dedmon's solid start with the Hawks this season but the big man appears to pending a return. It's unclear where the 28-year-old falls in Atlanta's long-term plans but he's in an excellent situation on a short-term basis. (@AustinKent)Dewayne Dedmon profile page

12/28 - Terry Rozier

Rozier has seen his role increase this season but isn't a reliable enough offensive option to be valuable in fantasy leagues. He holds some appeal in deep keeper leagues considering Marcus Smart's pending free agency. (@AustinKent)Terry Rozier profile page