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Los Angeles

[LOS ANGELES] — The Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Washington Wizards last night but couldn't manage to leave much of an impact, failing to keep up with their visiting rivals and eventually succumbing in a 108-119 defeat. The loss bumps Los Angeles's record down to 21-53 on the season, while the victory gives Washington a 46-28 total on the year. It's not overly surprising that the Lakers would end up losing this one consider they did little to establish themselves as dangerous threats. Perhaps the showing can serve as an essential building block for the team in the days to come.

Team results aside, a monster night from John Wall is all that fans will be talking about as they process the contest. Wall pumped out a stat line of 34 points, 3 rebounds, 14 assists, 0 blocks and 4 steals in 37 minutes on the night, quantifiable proof of his place among the top tier of NBA players. Most importantly, the Wizards managed to prevail where it mattered most and will happily add another victory to their season total. So long as Wall keeps producing at this rate and Washington keeps winning ball games, everybody - from fantasy owners to the team coaching and executive staff - will be more than satisfied.

Though Los Angeles didn't end up getting it done when it mattered most, D'Angelo Russell did walk away with the small consolation of an attractive 28 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists. Whether another bright individual performance can help them get the result they want on the scoreboard next time, however, remains to be seen.

Individual performances aside, if there's one area where the Lakers can improve, it's on the defensive side of the ball. Though Los Angeles wasn't terrible in the ball game, there's no denying that a stricter focus on limiting their opponents could serve them well the next time they collide with a worthy foe.

The loss hurts for the homeside but they'll get their opportunity to regain ground in a pending matchup with the Washington Wizards. The Wizards, meanwhile, will set their sights on a run-in with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Lakers Stats

Roster P R A B S M
D. Russell28691040
J. Clarkson22430039
L. Nance Jr.41112024
D. Nwaba8811323
I. Zubac10411218
J. Randle6651032
T. Black10202023
C. Brewer9201015
T. Ennis11010127

Wizards Stats

Roster P R A B S M
J. Wall343140437
M. Gortat71011122
K. Oubre14510126
O. Porter16410030
M. Morris8700127
B. Beal16131035
I. Mahinmi10500218
J. Smith6401017
B. Jennings2130212
B. Bogdanovic6110116
DetailsLos AngelesWashington
Game No.7474

Game MVPs


72.0 FP
1.95 FPPM

52.0 FP
1.3 FPPM

32.0 FP
0.82 FPPM


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