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[TORONTO] — The Toronto Raptors played host to the Boston Celtics last night and the Raps did everything that was asked of them, walking away with the 107-97 victory. The win bumps Toronto's record up to 34-24 on the season, while the loss drags Boston's down to 37-21. Though a win's a win and Raptors fans will settle for whatever they can get their hands on, there's plenty of room for improvement in the future. Games likes these are essential for any team with bigger aspirations.

On this night it was DeMar DeRozan leading the show from a statistical perspective. His 43 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 0 blocks and 0 steals in 37 minutes topped all players in terms of general production. Ask anybody, however - DeRozan included - and the most important part is that the Raptors walked away with the W. Each win adds up over the course of the season with the end goal being far more satisfying than a Tweetable stat line.

Though not quite able to steal the show, Marcus Smart did a fine job leading his ultimately unsuccessful Celtics. Smart's 19 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists were one bright spot for the team that spun out in the matchup.

Toronto's offensive contributions were complemented from a decent showing on the defensive end of the ball. While they didn't exactly shut down the visiting Celtics, they did limit them to a point total in line with their season average. Not every performance can be a home run, so the Raps will settle for the upper hand in this one.

Up next for the reeling Raps will be a date with the Portland Trail Blazers while the visiting Celtics will look to bounce back in a matchup with the .

Raptors Stats

Roster P R A B S M
D. DeRozan43550037
P. Tucker91010329
C. Joseph11160336
S. Ibaka15701136
J. Valanciunas7601018
D. Carroll6411028
P. Patterson11210017
D. Wright2111012
N. Powell3400016
L. Nogueira0101011

Celtics Stats

Roster P R A B S M
M. Smart19540032
I. Thomas20350035
J. Crowder19410031
J. Brown13021128
A. Horford8510130
J. Jerebko3520019
A. Johnson2612019
T. Rozier4230017
K. Olynyk4500016
J. Young5100212
J. Mickey000001
D. Jackson000001
Game No.5858
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56.0 FP
1.51 FPPM

34.5 FP
1.08 FPPM

34.0 FP
1.17 FPPM


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