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[CLEVELAND] — The Cleveland Cavaliers played host to the Washington Wizards last night and the hometown crowd got exactly what they paid for in the form of a hard-fought 140 to 135 Cavs victory. The win bumps Cleveland's record up to 35-15 on the season, while the loss drags Washington's down to 30-21. More than just a victory, the performance could serve as a boost for the Cavaliers. Having scored early and often against their opponents this time out, the club will look to capitalize on their momentum heading into their next contest.

Team results aside, a monster night from LeBron James is all that fans will be talking about as they process the contest. James pumped out a stat line of 32 points, 7 rebounds, 17 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals in 42 minutes on the night, quantifiable proof of his place among the top tier of NBA players. Ask anybody, however - James included - and the most important part is that the Cavaliers walked away with the W. Each win adds up over the course of the season with the end goal being far more satisfying than a Tweetable stat line.

Joining James in the winning effort was Kevin Love. Had it not been for Love rounding out the Cavs's attack with 39 points, 12 rebounds and 3 assists of his own, we may have been looking at a different outcome.

From a personal standpoint, LeBron James made his presence felt from beyond the arc, toying with defenders all night long and connecting on an impressive 6 bombs. Putting a stop to any NBA calibre talent is no easy task, but even more so when they're red-hot from beyond three-point range.

Perhaps just as significant if not more so than any individual performance, was Cleveland's ability to take the Wiz out of their game. A stellar defensive performance by the Cavaliers helped insure the victory from the moment the two teams set foot on the court. Should the club continue to excel on both sides of the ball, the rest of the league better start planning accordingly.

Up next for the reeling Cavs will be a date with the while the visiting Wizards will look to bounce back in a matchup with the .

Cavaliers Stats

Roster P R A B S M
L. James327172242
K. Love391230342
T. Thompson221220041
K. Irving23150144
K. Korver13320030
R. Jefferson6310021
C. Frye5410012
K. Felder020019
I. Shumpert0200024

Wizards Stats

Roster P R A B S M
B. Beal41580045
J. Wall224120144
M. Gortat16833038
O. Porter25621245
K. Oubre11700428
M. Morris15620130
J. Smith5501016
T. Satoransky0110112
T. Burke011006
Game No.5051
Last GameDAL
Next Game

Game MVPs


76.0 FP
1.81 FPPM

66.5 FP
1.58 FPPM

64.5 FP
1.43 FPPM


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