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New Orleans

[WASHINGTON] — The Washington Wizards played host to the New Orleans Pelicans last night and the Wiz did everything that was asked of them, walking away with the 107-94 victory. The win bumps Washington's record up to 27-20 on the season, while the loss drags New Orleans's down to 19-29. Though a win's a win and Wizards fans will settle for whatever they can get their hands on, there's plenty of room for improvement in the future. Games likes these are essential for any team with bigger aspirations.

Team results aside, a monster night from Anthony Davis is all that fans will be talking about as they process the contest. Davis pumped out a stat line of 36 points, 17 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 3 steals in 40 minutes on the night, quantifiable proof of his place among the top tier of NBA players. Unfortunately for Davis, what really matters - the result on the scoreboard - still leans in favor of the Wizards. Perhaps continued performances like this one in the near future will get New Orleans back in the win column before too long.

At the helm for the Wizards in the victory was John Wall and while he may not have posted a more attractive statline than Davis, he did help his club walk away with the victory. Wall posted 18 points, 1 rebounds and 19 assists in the win.

Washington's offensive contributions were complemented from a decent showing on the defensive end of the ball. While they didn't exactly shut down the visiting Pelicans, they did limit them to a point total in line with their season average. Not every performance can be a home run, so the Wiz will settle for the upper hand in this one.

Up next for the reeling Wiz will be a date with the while the visiting Pelicans will look to bounce back in a matchup with the .

Wizards Stats

Roster P R A B S M
J. Wall181191237
M. Gortat171120131
M. Morris21810037
B. Beal27620139
O. Porter13600434
J. Smith4602117
K. Oubre2700024
T. Burke5030011
T. Satoransky001009

Pelicans Stats

Roster P R A B S M
A. Davis361732340
J. Holiday264110139
S. Hill7321339
D. Cunningham5420021
D. Motiejunas10420022
L. Galloway6200111
T. Jones2310010
T. Evans2220018
E. Moore0120022
B. Hield0200016
DetailsWashingtonNew Orleans
Game No.4748
Last GameNYK
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Game MVPs


71.5 FP
1.79 FPPM

59.5 FP
1.61 FPPM

54.5 FP
1.4 FPPM


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