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[HOUSTON] — The Houston Rockets played host to the Washington Wizards last night and the Rockets did everything that was asked of them, walking away with the 101-91 victory. The win bumps Houston's record up to 27-9 on the season, while the loss drags Washington's down to 16-17. Despite the victory, the result is somewhat hollow considering the offense that seemed to lack much of the kick it's shown so far this season. The Rockets will happily take the boost in the win column, but have much work to do if they want to keep padding their portfolio.

On this night it was James Harden leading the show from a statistical perspective. His 23 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, 0 blocks and 3 steals in 42 minutes topped all players in terms of general production. Ask anybody, however - Harden included - and the most important part is that the Rockets walked away with the W. Each win adds up over the course of the season with the end goal being far more satisfying than a Tweetable stat line.

Though not quite able to steal the show, John Wall did a fine job leading his ultimately unsuccessful Wizards. Wall's 18 points, 5 rebounds and 12 assists were one bright spot for the team that spun out in the matchup.

From a personal standpoint, Eric Gordon made his presence felt from beyond the arc, toying with defenders all night long and connecting on an impressive 6 bombs. Putting a stop to any NBA calibre talent is no easy task, but even more so when they're red-hot from beyond three-point range.

Houston's offensive contributions were complemented from a decent showing on the defensive end of the ball. While they didn't exactly shut down the visiting Wizards, they did limit them to a point total in line with their season average. Not every performance can be a home run, so the Rockets will settle for the upper hand in this one.

Up next for the reeling Rockets will be a date with the while the visiting Wizards will look to bounce back in a matchup with the .

Rockets Stats

Roster P R A B S M
J. Harden2310100342
T. Ariza10652343
E. Gordon31231036
M. Harrell14912033
R. Anderson8421132
N. Hilario9311114
S. Dekker0602116
C. Brewer4120015
T. Ennis201005

Wizards Stats

Roster P R A B S M
J. Wall185120237
M. Gortat131430140
B. Beal27320235
M. Morris12831032
O. Porter8311132
K. Oubre0700223
M. Thornton7300118
J. Smith420009
T. Burke2020011
Game No.3633
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56.5 FP
1.35 FPPM

47.0 FP
1.27 FPPM

41.5 FP
0.97 FPPM

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