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NBA Games

SAC (92)
WAS (110)
JW: 21/2/9
CLE (104)
NYK (101)
LJ: 23/9/12
MEM (103)
MIL (110)
GA: 27/9/7
ATL (105)
NOR (106)
DC: 22/16/7
LAL (100)
PHO (93)
TW: 23/8/3
MIN (109)
UTA (98)
JB: 21/4/10
DEN (82)
POR (99)
DL: 15/5/7
ORL (100)
GSW (110)
KD: 21/7/8
PHI (109)
LAC (105)
LW: 31/7/6
BOS (109)
BKL (102)
KI: 25/3/5
TOR (129)
HOU (113)
JH: 38/6/11
SAS (97)
DAL (91)
LA: 32/5/4
SAC (80)
ATL (126)
DD: 20/14/5
WAS (102)
MIA (93)
JW: 27/4/6
UTA (101)
NYK (106)
TH: 26/6/6
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NBA Headlines

Lou Williams - LAC
Williams: 31/7/6/0/5 vs. PHINov. 13
Giannis Antetokounmpo - MIL
Antetokounmpo: 27/9/7/2/2 vs. MEMNov. 13
LeBron James - CLE
James: 23/9/12/3/0 vs. NYKNov. 13
Frank Ntilikina - NYK
Ntilikina: 6 steals vs. CLENov. 13
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 26/5/15/0/2 vs. INDNov. 12
Draymond Green - GSW
Green: 5 blocks vs. PHINov. 11
Kevin Love - CLE
Love: 29/15/3/1/0 vs. DALNov. 11
Lonzo Ball - LAL
Ball: 19/11/13/4/3 vs. MILNov. 11
Giannis Antetokounmpo - MIL
Antetokounmpo: 33/15/3/1/1 vs. LALNov. 11
Thabo Sefolosha - UTA
Sefolosha: 5 steals vs. BKLNov. 11

Recent Player Analysis

10/07 - Omer Asik

It seems like a lifetime ago that Asik averaged a double-double for the Rockets. In the four years since, the NBA has moved straight into the Small Ball Era rendering the lumbering big man virtually worthless. Consider him in extremely deep leagues only. (@AustinKent)Omer Asik profile page

10/07 - Noah Vonleh

Vonleh showed promise toward the end of last season but will start the 2017-18 campaign on the sidelines. The 22-year-old is worth keeping tabs on in keeper leagues, especially Production Leagues that value his rebounding, but don't go out of your way to snag him. The upside remains intriguing but the overall ceiling is lower now than it was when he came into the league. (@AustinKent)Noah Vonleh profile page

10/07 - Austin Rivers

Rivers will see more of an opportunity this year than he ever has and that's mildly intriguing. He's never been particularly efficient with his minutes but he's still just 25 years old and could conceivably raise his scoring average considerably in the Post-Chris Paul Era. Consider him in deep leagues and at least keep an eye on him in shallow ones. (@AustinKent)Austin Rivers profile page

10/07 - Iman Shumpert

Shumpert saw his role decrease in Cleveland last season but will return to the Cavaliers as a reliable perimeter defender. His work load may take a hit considering his team's new-found depth, so don't draft him in deep leagues hoping that he'll fill 25+ minutes again. (@AustinKent)Iman Shumpert profile page

10/07 - Jonas Jerebko

Jerebko will join the third team of his career this season but isn't likely to factor into the fantasy scene that much. He may be worth a look in deep leagues if he can earn a way into Utah's rotation but there are more exciting options on draft day. (@AustinKent)Jonas Jerebko profile page