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NBA Games

NYK (97)
PHI (98)
JE: 21/14/1
MEM (95)
OKL (103)
RW: 24/13/12
HOU (105)
MIN (119)
JH: 33/6/12
WAS (108)
BOS (117)
IT: 38/6/5
ORL (96)
LAC (105)
DJ: 10/20/1
CLE (86)
POR (102)
CM: 27/4/2
IND (112)
DEN (140)
NJ: 22/10/7
NOR (104)
BKL (95)
TE: 29/4/3
CHI (89)
NYK (104)
CA: 23/9/6
LAL (94)
SAS (134)
PG: 22/9/6
DAL (113)
PHO (108)
DW: 23/2/12
DET (107)
GSW (127)
KD: 25/6/9
CHA (93)
PHI (102)
MK: 12/12/4
BKL (113)
TOR (132)
KL: 20/6/6
MIA (108)
MIL (116)
GA: 19/8/6
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NBA Headlines

DeAndre Jordan - LAC
Jordan: 20 rebounds vs. ORLJan. 11
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: 24/13/12/1/2 vs. MEMJan. 11
Isaiah Thomas - BOS
Thomas: 38 points vs. WASJan. 11
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 33/6/12/2/1 vs. MINJan. 11
Ricky Rubio - MIN
Rubio: 17 assists vs. HOUJan. 11
Karl-Anthony Towns - MIN
Towns: 23/18/5/3/1 vs. HOUJan. 11
Andre Drummond - DET
Drummond: 7 blocks vs. SACJan. 10
Hassan Whiteside - MIA
Whiteside: 28/20/2/2/1 vs. GSWJan. 10
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 40/15/10/0/0 vs. CHAJan. 10
DeMar DeRozan - TOR
DeRozan: 41/13/0/0/2 vs. BOSJan. 10

Recent Player Analysis

1/11 - Chasson Randle

The Philadelphia 76ers have needed a solution at point guard all season and haven't been afraid to try new things. Randle is an offensive-minded guard in the same mold as the injured Jared Bayless. This isn't the Sixers team of the last few seasons, so don't expect Randle to get 30-plus minutes a night, but do track his progress. (AK)Chasson Randle profile page

1/11 - Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis hasn't had the early impact we thought he might have, but his role with the Oklahoma City Thunder seems solid. Avoid the rookie in redraft leagues, but don't hesitate to invest in him in keeper leagues if you're willing to play the long game. (AK)Domantas Sabonis profile page

1/11 - Deyonta Davis

Davis turned heads with an impressive debut, but has since fallen in line with what we expected out of the first-year big man on an established team. Though decently efficient in his limited minutes, Davis can likely be avoided in redraft leagues. His keeper appeal is intriguing though. (AK)Deyonta Davis profile page

1/11 - DeAndre Liggins

Injury woes have put DeAndre Liggins right square in the Cleveland Cavaliers' rotation and the journeyman has filled expectations. Consider Liggins a valued defensive player for Tyronn Lue and the reigning champions, but don't rush out to add him in fantasy leagues any time soon. The majority of the guard's contributions come when matching up against an opponents best perimeter scorer. (AK)DeAndre Liggins profile page

1/11 - Davis Bertans

Like any good San Antonio Spurs reserve, Bertans is good enough to convince everybody to rush out and add him in fantasy leagues one day, only to slip out of the rotation the next. Keep an eye on the forward's usage as the year progresses, but don't expect consistency just yet. (AK)Davis Bertans profile page