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NBA Games

PHI (105)
BKL (95)
RC: 15/11/1
MIA (86)
LAC (98)
CP: 19/6/18
WAS (107)
MIL (101)
JP: 28/8/7
HOU (129)
TOR (122)
JH: 40/10/11
UTA (79)
MEM (88)
ZR: 13/11/1
CLE (120)
PHO (116)
EB: 31/2/8
GSW (117)
SAC (106)
KD: 28/7/6
ORL (95)
LAL (111)
DR: 17/8/7
DET (125)
POR (124)
AD: 28/14/0
NOR (110)
NYK (96)
AD: 40/18/2
OKL (109)
CHI (94)
RW: 21/9/14
DAL (92)
MIN (101)
KT: 34/11/4
CHI (99)
WAS (101)
JW: 26/6/14
BOS (106)
TOR (114)
DD: 41/13/0
ATL (117)
BKL (97)
DS: 19/1/10
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NBA Headlines

Andre Drummond - DET
Drummond: 28/14/0/2/4 vs. PORJan. 8
Kevin Durant - GSW
Durant: 28/7/6/4/1 vs. SACJan. 8
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 40/10/11/2/2 vs. TORJan. 8
DeMar DeRozan - TOR
DeRozan: 36 points vs. HOUJan. 8
Chris Paul - LAC
Paul: 19/6/18/0/2 vs. MIAJan. 8
DeAndre Jordan - LAC
Jordan: 18 rebounds vs. MIAJan. 8
Dwight Howard - ATL
Howard: 20 rebounds vs. DALJan. 7
DeMar DeRozan - TOR
DeRozan: 36 points vs. CHIJan. 7
Kyle Lowry - TOR
Lowry: 27/9/12/1/3 vs. CHIJan. 7
Jimmy Butler - CHI
Butler: 42/10/5/0/3 vs. TORJan. 7

Recent Player Analysis

2/21 - Willie Cauley-Stein

To those of you hanging on to Willie at the time of the trade of DeMarcus Cousins, you are won of the winners of the Boogie trade. Caulie-Stein is certain to get free reign in Sacramento, and 30+ minutes every night. Considering he has upped his play anyways in recent weeks, the newly available minutes are well earned, and make Willie a fantasy playoff sleeper. If he's a free agent, pick him up. (DH)Willie Cauley-Stein profile page

2/21 - DeMarcus Cousins

The surprising trade of Boogie to New Orleans could slightly impact his stats, as well as those of Anthony Davis. That being said, the Pelicans' roster isn't exactly deep and there will be plenty of chances for both players. In fact, while overall production could at times take a hit, the efficiency of both might go up slightly, as it's going to be difficult for opposing defenses to handle the two most talented centers in basketball at the same time. Keep your confidence in both players and get ready for some exciting playoff basketball in New Orleans. (DH)DeMarcus Cousins profile page

2/13 - Jusuf Nurkic

A recent trade to Portland should do wonders for Nurkic's fantasy value. Though it wasn't long ago when the Bosnian Beast was Denver's fascinating big man of the future, he was quickly supplanted by Nikola Jokic in 2015-16. Relegated to the bench in 2016-17, Nurkic was pouty and ineffective for the Nuggets. Now, however, he should finally see more opportunities to showcase his ability to produce efficiently.Jusuf Nurkic profile page

1/11 - Chasson Randle

The Philadelphia 76ers have needed a solution at point guard all season and haven't been afraid to try new things. Randle is an offensive-minded guard in the same mold as the injured Jared Bayless. This isn't the Sixers team of the last few seasons, so don't expect Randle to get 30-plus minutes a night, but do track his progress. (AK)Chasson Randle profile page

1/11 - Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis hasn't had the early impact we thought he might have, but his role with the Oklahoma City Thunder seems solid. Avoid the rookie in redraft leagues, but don't hesitate to invest in him in keeper leagues if you're willing to play the long game. (AK)Domantas Sabonis profile page