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11/28 - Sergio Llull

There's no clear timetable for Llull's arrival in the NBA, but there's no denying that the Rockets could benefit from a stable veteran to spot Ty Lawson at the point. Llull will be an impact player when (if?) he comes over, but it's your call if you want to stash him.Sergio Llull profile page

11/20 - Rodney Hood

Hood has been getting a ton of playing time this season, though he has not been very statistically efficient with that time. We'd recommend you look elsewhere for a player with a higher ceiling unless you are really struggling to fill minutes, a category Hood is certainly excelling in. (DH)Rodney Hood profile page

11/20 - Jarrett Jack

Those who drafted Jarrett Jack are finding him in the midst of the best stretch of his career as the hapless Nets have nobody else to turn to. While it might seem unlikely that he can keep it up, he is at least in line for a solid overall season, as he is the best playmaker Brooklyn has. If you can sell high, feel free to do it, but don't expect him to fall off a cliff. He'll be productive all year unless he gets traded. (DH)Jarrett Jack profile page

11/20 - Jason Terry

Jason Terry seems to be starting for Ty Lawson for the time being. Please, try and hold back your excitement. This is likely a temporary solution until Lawson can get out of his funk with his new teammates, and even if that doesn't happen, Patrick Beverly's return is on the horizon. Keep Terry in the free agent pool unless you are absolutely desperate for a short term fix. (DH)Jason Terry profile page

11/20 - Taj Gibson

As expected, Gibson's minutes have been tough to come by in Chicago's deep frontcourt, and his production has been relatively inconsistent as a result. He's worth rostering in most leagues, and if the Bulls make a trade he's in line for a bigger role either in Chicago or elsewhere. Don't expect the world, and you'll be happy with the production he provides your lineup. (DH)Taj Gibson profile page

11/20 - Phil Pressey

Keep an eye on Pressey. He's been very efficient in limited action so far and has slowly received more minutes for the Sixers this season. He might be worth a pick-up as the most talented option the Sixers currently have healthy at the position. (DH)Phil Pressey profile page

11/20 - Dwight Powell

The Mavericks liked Dwight Powell so much that they made sure to acquire him last season, and he has now become a valuable part of the rotation, and a major reason the Mavericks are still a contender. Powell is not a fluke, and is worthy of a roster spot on even the best of fantasy teams. He's here to stay, and if for some reason he's still available in your league, grab him.Dwight Powell profile page

11/20 - Danilo Gallinari

He's healthy, and he's producing. He's scored over 20 points in 6 of the Nuggets' 12 games, and has had 5 rebounds or more in 7 of the 12. These trends are likely to continue over the course of the season and Gallinari is a solid fantasy forward as a result. He won't be spectacular on a consistent basis, but he can do good things. (DH)Danilo Gallinari profile page

11/20 - Bobby Portis

Bobby isn't getting any court time, and that's not going to change unless there is a trade of one of the Bulls' big men, which seems unlikely at this point. (DH)Bobby Portis profile page

11/20 - Tiago Splitter

Tiago has been a bit of a fantasy disappointment this season. With Horford and Millsap dominating for the Hawks and receiving as many minutes as possible, Tiago hasn't been able to find a consistent role and his efficiency is down 20% overall per minute from when he was in San Antonio. We'd recommend being patient with him but our own patience is running thin. (DH)Tiago Splitter profile page

11/20 - Luis Scola

Scola is getting minutes that he hasn't received in years, and he's playing pretty well too. He's getting up there in age, so it's unlikely he remains a productive fantasy player over the course of the season, but feel free to ride his hot streaks. (DH)Luis Scola profile page

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