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Andre Drummond - DET
Drummond: 22 rebounds vs. BOSJan. 30
Jonas Valanciunas - TOR
Valanciunas: 23 rebounds vs. BOSJan. 10
LeBron James - CLE
James: Triple-double vs. NORJan. 23
Elfrid Payton - ORL
Payton: Triple-double vs. BKLApr. 1
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: 38 points vs. NYKFeb. 15
Mike Conley - MEM
Conley: 38 points vs. PHOJan. 30
Gordon Hayward - BOS
Hayward: 38 points vs. INDMar. 20
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: 42/10/7/0/1 vs. NORDec. 21
Giannis Antetokounmpo - MIL
Antetokounmpo: 30/8/5/0/3 vs. TORDec. 12
Kemba Walker - CHA
Walker: 40/10/6/0/0 vs. TORNov. 11

Recent Player Analysis

7/08 - LeBron James

LeBron James was absolutely dominant last year as expected, and there are no signs that he is slowing up. Despite the fact that he is about to turn 33, we wouldn't disagree with you if you took him first in the draft. He's an extremely safe pick in the top of the first round. (@I_am_DanHan)LeBron James profile page

7/08 - Andre Drummond

Drummond is a fantastic option in leagues that value rebounding. Drummond is still capable of reaching new heights as a dominant center in all leagues though - believe it or not, he's still only 23 years old. We think he's ready to take the next step and become a truly dominant force. Draft with supreme confidence. (@I_am_DanHan)Andre Drummond profile page

7/08 - JaVale McGee

McGee didn't play a lot of minutes, but make no mistake, he put up some big numbers in his little time on the court from an efficiency perspective. It does seem as though McGee has found his groove and as long as you are getting enough minutes elsewhere, McGee could be a valuable pick later in drafts. (@I_am_DanHan)JaVale McGee profile page

7/08 - Mike Conley

Conley lived up to his questionable monster contract with one of the best seasons of his career. He's nearing 30, but he should have a couple more years just like last in him. His health is a slight concern, but if he's on the court, he will be very productive. (@I_am_DanHan)Mike Conley profile page

7/08 - Dennis Schroder

Two things can clue you in that Schroder is due for a monster season. First of all, the Hawks have moved on from Dwight and Millsap, leaving Schroder as the clear team leader. As the point guard and the best player on a terrible team, Schroder is sure to have plenty of chances for big numbers. Second, despite inconsistencies during the season, Schroder showed up in the playoffs, implying he has another level. Draft with confidence! (@I_am_DanHan)Dennis Schroder profile page