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Nov 27
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11/25 - Furkan Aldemir

A contract issue in his native Turkey has opened the doors for Aldemir's arrival in the NBA a little bit sooner than expected. Considering the, ahem, unique way Philadelphia has been doing things lately, it's not unreasonable to see the unproven international product tested early.Furkan Aldemir profile page

11/25 - Hassan Whiteside

The Miami Heat picked up Hassan Whiteside but it's unclear how much action the big man see in the near future. Whiteside is capable of producing big defensive numbers in limited minutes so he could be worth a look in deep leagues.Hassan Whiteside profile page

11/18 - Andrew Bogut

Bogut has been excellent this year for the Warriors, but once David Lee comes back, his numbers might suffer a slight decrease. Additionally, the threat of injury always looms heavily over him. Ride it while it lasts, and hope for the best. (DH)Andrew Bogut profile page

11/18 - Serge Ibaka

Serge has struggled more than expected, with poorer efficiency and lower defensive numbers across the board. While he has improved his 3 point shooting this season, and is taking a lot of them, that's only hurting his field goal percentage and does not help his efficiency. Expect the normal Serge to return when Durant and Westbrook do, but until then this is the new Serge. (DH)Serge Ibaka profile page

11/18 - Roy Hibbert

Hibbert has returned to form after a disastrous second half of the 2013-2014 season. You can expect this to continue, and whatever mental and/or physical issues that held him back last year are clearly no longer an issue. Expect efficient play, more responsibility, and a lot of blocks and boards on what is certain to be a bad Pacers team. (DH)Roy Hibbert profile page

11/18 - Darren Collison

Collison burst out of the gates in his new role as the starting point guard of the Sacramento Kings, but he has cooled off a bit more recently. He's a good guy to have filling the last of your guard minutes, and has his starting role nailed down firmly. (DH)Darren Collison profile page

11/18 - Brandon Knight

Knight got off to an extremely hot start this season, impressing in all facets of the offense. However, he has cooled off over the last few weeks, which is not surprising. You might be able to still sell high on him, or hang onto him with expectations lowered to those of a decent 2nd guard in your rotation. (DH)Brandon Knight profile page
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