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Top 150 Dynasty/Keeper Players for 2014-15

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NBA Leaders


1st Star

  • 1.49 FPPM
  • 48.2 Total
  • 22.7 points
  • 11.7 rebounds
  • 2.9 assists

    2nd Star

    • 1.48 FPPM
    • 53.7 Total
    • 26.1 points
    • 12.5 rebounds
    • 4.5 assists

      3rd Star

      • 1.43 FPPM
      • 43.7 Total
      • 21.8 points
      • 5.7 rebounds
      • 6.9 assists
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        Recent Updates

        10/24 - Evan Turner

        You can probably avoid Turner unless your team is in dire straits. He's a pretty inefficient player and won't fill up the stat sheet nearly as much as he did back in Philadelphia ever again. (DH)Evan Turner profile page

        10/24 - Jose Calderon

        In redraft leagues, Calderon might become a valuable player. He has always been an efficient point guard in the right situation. Given the reins in New York, it's very possible he has a comeback year. (DH)Jose Calderon profile page

        10/24 - Ty Lawson

        Lawson was awesome last year, and can probably duplicate his numbers if he can get healthy. At this stage in the game the Nuggets simply need him to orchestrate the offense. That being said, make sure to have a backup plan in case things go south. (DH)Ty Lawson profile page

        10/24 - Rajon Rondo

        Rondo is unbelievably valuable in Production leagues, and even on a bad Boston team he will put up a ton of assists and steals. He might even be counted on to score a little more. It's possible he misses the start of the season, but he is well into the recovery of his injury and will be back on the floor in no time. (DH)Rajon Rondo profile page

        10/24 - Kevin Love

        Now in Cleveland alongside LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, it's a certainty that Love's scoring numbers will take a hit. That being said, it's unlikely they drop like Chris Bosh's did in Miami, and his impressive rebounding numbers should remain similar. Love remains a decent No. 1 option on a fantasy roster. (DH)Kevin Love profile page

        10/24 - Kris Humphries

        All of a sudden, Humphries finds himself among a gluttony of big men in Washington. He is certainly capable of putting up strong numbers in starters minutes, but those minutes are going to be inconsistent this year unless the Wizards suffer an injury to Nene or Marcin Gortat. Additionally, he will be out with nerve damage in his hand to start the season - we can't blame you if you want to avoid him. (DH)Kris Humphries profile page

        10/24 - Jordan Crawford

        Crawford is headed to China, but should find his way back on an NBA team after the Chinese league ends. Depending on where he ends up, he might be worth targeting at that time in March. (DH)Jordan Crawford profile page
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