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Top 10 NBA Rookies for 2014-15

Predicting rookie production is an inexact science, but somebody has to do it. Here are 10 you should keep an eye on in 2014-15. Read more →

NBA Leaders


1st Star

  • 1.49 FPPM
  • 48.2 Total
  • 22.7 points
  • 11.7 rebounds
  • 2.9 assists

    2nd Star

    • 1.48 FPPM
    • 53.7 Total
    • 26.1 points
    • 12.5 rebounds
    • 4.5 assists

      3rd Star

      • 1.43 FPPM
      • 43.7 Total
      • 21.8 points
      • 5.7 rebounds
      • 6.9 assists
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        Recent Updates

        8/06 - Eric Bledsoe

        Eric Bledsoe's camp set out looking for a max deal this summer and came up empty. In all likelihood it seems like the guard will end up back in Phoenix in 2014-15 on a deal more similar to Kyle Lowry's than John Wall's. We like Bledsoe, but that makes sense to us. Bledsoe performed well in increased minutes last season, especially considering the emergence of Goran Dragic as an All-Star caliber talent, but he'll have to stay healthy if he wants to qualify as an elite fantasy basketball guard. Eric Bledsoe profile page

        8/06 - Greg Monroe

        Greg Monroe's free agency fate remains very much up in the air at this point, but it's hard to imagine his value dipping from what it was last season in Detroit. The emergence of Andre Drummond as a force in the Pistons' frontcourt has limited Monroe's production over the past two seasons and the addition of Josh Smith via free agency in 2014 certainly didn't help either. For that reason, the big man is at worst a solid fantasy player (as he was in 2013-14) and at best an elite one (as he was in 2011-12) all depending on where he ends up and whether or not the Pistons move Smith.Greg Monroe profile page

        8/05 - John Wall

        John Wall's 2013-14 production wasn't significantly better than his previous three seasons, but the year still somehow served as a breakout campaign for the still-just-23-year-old guard. Consider Washington's rise in the Eastern Conference and the fact that their combo guard leader was front and center. We like Wall as much as ever, perhaps even more so now because he's proved himself more valuable than ever to the Wizards.John Wall profile page

        8/05 - Anthony Davis

        We had doubts about Anthony Davis staying healthy for all of the 2013-14 season, and they eventually came to fruition, but one thing that we underestimated was just how effective he would be when he was actually on the court. Davis played three quarters of the season last year and was one of the league's deadliest production players while he was out there. Davis has the potential to lead the league in FPPM at some point in his career, there's no denying that, but the thought of committing to him too early given his injury history is frightening.Anthony Davis profile page

        8/05 - Tim Duncan

        For a while, it looked as though Tim Duncan may have been hanging it up at the end of 2013-14, ending on the highest of notes with an NBA title this past summer, but that's no longer the case. Having recently inked a two-year deal, the 38-year-old big man will be back in action for the San Antonio Spurs and he's recently reacquired FC eligibility. We may see Duncan's decrease even further in 2014-15, but he's still a star talent that makes posting efficient stat lines look like a walk in the park.Tim Duncan profile page

        8/05 - Paul George

        If you haven't already seen it by now, you're in the minority, but Paul George's leg injury will obviously keep him out of action for the entirety of the 2014-15 campaign. Here's hoping we see him back at the top of his game eventually.Paul George profile page

        8/05 - Al Horford

        There hasn't been a ton of news surrounding Al Horford's recovery from the pec injury that ended his 2013-14 campaign prematurely, but all signs seem to suggest that he remains on schedule and will be ready to compete in training camp this fall. Horford had a solid year for the Hawks last year, shouldering more of the load offensively without Josh Smith, but at this point Paul Millsap is as much of a force as Smoove ever was in ATL's front court. Horford will be a star, potentially an All-Star, but don't expect anything more than what we've seen from him in the past.Al Horford profile page
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