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Top 10 NBA Rookies for 2014-15

Predicting rookie production is an inexact science, but somebody has to do it. Here are 10 you should keep an eye on in 2014-15. Read more →

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1st Star

  • 1.49 FPPM
  • 48.2 Total
  • 22.7 points
  • 11.7 rebounds
  • 2.9 assists

    2nd Star

    • 1.48 FPPM
    • 53.7 Total
    • 26.1 points
    • 12.5 rebounds
    • 4.5 assists

      3rd Star

      • 1.43 FPPM
      • 43.7 Total
      • 21.8 points
      • 5.7 rebounds
      • 6.9 assists
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        Recent Updates

        9/19 - Larry Sanders

        Larry Sanders has an opportunity to play a full season in 2014-15. He has a new coach in Jason Kidd, too. We're not sure that we'll ever see the Sanders we saw in 2012-13 again, but last season was an indisputable train wreck. If you've held onto Sanders in keeper leagues, you have every reason to be relieved heading into training camp, but don't think that he's the hot commodity that he was. (AK)Larry Sanders profile page

        9/19 - Bradley Beal

        Bradley Beal improved in his sophomore season but only slightly. More telling is that he established himself as a contributor on a legitimately dangerous team. Beal plays just enough minutes for us to expect more than middling complementary numbers. If he can grab a few more boards in Year 3, or even top the 20-point plateau, he'll improve his fantasy stock considerably. Take him confidently in deep leagues, but there are more efficient options to consider first. (AK)Bradley Beal profile page

        9/19 - DeMarcus Cousins

        DeMarcus Cousins has always been one of the most prolific fantasy assets in SportsWS leagues because of the stats he pumps out in relatively limited minutes. Cousins is a 20-and-10 lock that plays just over 32 minutes per game. That's insane. Cousins has an ADP of 7.0 as of mid-September and don't think that he doesn't deserve it. He has top-three upside but you have to have a pretty strong stomach if you plan to invest. (AK)DeMarcus Cousins profile page

        9/19 - Damian Lillard

        Damian Lillard improved considerably in his sophomore season, but if the third-year guard is going to live up to all of the hype around him, he can't stop yet. We want to think that Lillard is on a similar trajectory to Stephen Curry, but aren't quite positive when or if that will happen. Lillard will either need to score more or pass more to truly transition to fantasy superstardom, neither of which are easy things to do when the team is thriving around LaMarcus Aldridge. Lillard is a risky pick early in the draft, but has potential to be elite regardless of where he's taken. (AK) Damian Lillard profile page

        9/19 - Jeff Teague

        It's easy to overlook Jeff Teague in fantasy leagues, but he's carved out a niche for himself as a solid second tier point guard. If Teague can continue to drop 16-and-7 in starters' minutes, he'll continue to reward owners that take a chance on him in the middle rounds of a draft. (AK)Jeff Teague profile page

        9/19 - Tyreke Evans

        Tyreke Evans was a compelling fantasy option during his first few seasons with the Sacramento Kings but then he fell off the radar. Evans bounced back in 2014-15, his first year with the New Orleans Pelicans, and finished the season strong. We like Evans in all formats and his GF eligibility only makes him all the more valuable. Keep in mind that Jrue Holiday will be back and healthy, but don't overlook this underrated source of 15, 5 and 5 on draft day. (AK)Tyreke Evans profile page

        9/19 - Chris Paul

        Chris Paul has been the best fantasy guard in leagues for a while, that's not about to change in 2014-15. Expect CP3 to be as dominant this year as he was last year and hopefully he doesn't miss another quarter of a season with an injury. The Clips are legitimate title contenders. Now that they don't have an ownership scandal to distract them, we're excited to see how it all plays out. (AK).Chris Paul profile page
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