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Player Analysis

7/27 - Stephen Jackson

Jackson was always one of the rougher personalities in the NBA (cough, the 2004 Pacers, cough), but don't let that take away from the impact he had on such impressive teams as the 2003 Spurs and 2007 Warriors. He's officially retired as of 2015.Stephen Jackson profile page

7/27 - Kenyon Martin

K-Mart may have finished his career a far cry from the rim-tormenting monster he was as a New Jersey Net in his first few seasons, but he always held appeal as a deep league sleeper. He announced his retirement this summer.Kenyon Martin profile page

7/27 - Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko's fantasy production fluctuated over the course of his career, but in his prime he was as good a threat as any to compete for a 5x5.Andrei Kirilenko profile page

7/27 - Steve Nash

Steve Nash hasn't been relevant in fantasy for a few seasons now, but it's still sad to see the former MVP step aside from the game officially.Steve Nash profile page

3/24 - Sean Kilpatrick

Signed to a 10-day contract on a roster that could use all the help it can get, Kilpatrick will get an opportunity to show what he's capable of in Minnesota. What that means in terms of minutes, however, is unclear. He's a light two-guard, which means the majority of his production will depend on if his jumpers are falling, so invest with care.Sean Kilpatrick profile page

3/11 - Jabari Brown

The Lakers will add the services of Brown, a scoring two-guard with D-League experience, on a 10-Day contract. Don't expect him to put up as many points on the board now that he's in the Association, but he'll get an opportunity in Los Angeles.Jabari Brown profile page

3/07 - Jerelle Benimon

Benimon becomes the latest D-Leaguer to get a shot with the Jazz this season, he's an active forward capable of grabbing an impressive share of rebounds. Be mindful of Utah's rotation, but know that he could be a good source of low minute efficiency.Jerelle Benimon profile page

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NBA Leaders

Jul 14-15

1st Star

Russell WestbrookRussell
  • 1.62 FPPM
  • 55.6 Total
  • 28.1 points
  • 7.3 rebounds
  • 8.6 assists

    2nd Star

    DeMarcus CousinsDeMarcus
    • 1.54 FPPM
    • 52.5 Total
    • 24.1 points
    • 12.7 rebounds
    • 3.6 assists

      3rd Star

      Anthony DavisAnthony
      • 1.48 FPPM
      • 53.6 Total
      • 24.4 points
      • 10.2 rebounds
      • 2.2 assists