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Top 10 NBA Rookies for 2014-15

Predicting rookie production is an inexact science, but somebody has to do it. Here are 10 you should keep an eye on in 2014-15. Read more →

NBA Leaders


1st Star

  • 1.49 FPPM
  • 48.2 Total
  • 22.7 points
  • 11.7 rebounds
  • 2.9 assists

    2nd Star

    • 1.48 FPPM
    • 53.7 Total
    • 26.1 points
    • 12.5 rebounds
    • 4.5 assists

      3rd Star

      • 1.43 FPPM
      • 43.7 Total
      • 21.8 points
      • 5.7 rebounds
      • 6.9 assists
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        Recent Updates

        9/29 - Jared Sullinger

        If we were in charge of the Boston Celtics, Jared Sullinger would be as big a part of the game plan as any asset on the roster. Unfortunately, we're not and fantasy basketball fans are trapped in a reality where there's a possibility that Sully starts games on the bench in favor of players like Kelly Olynyk and/or Brandon Bass. Draft Sullinger as a high-ceiling, young big man with FC eligibility and hope that he gets even more of an opportunity to lead this team in 2014-15. (AK)Jared Sullinger profile page

        9/29 - Victor Oladipo

        Victor Oladipo may soon carve out a niche for himself as one of the elite perimeter defensive threats in the NBA, but that doesn't necessarily translate into relevant fantasy basketball production. Expect a slight improvement from Oladipo in 2014-15, but if you're waiting for a 20-ppg threat, you may want to look elsewhere. (AK)Victor Oladipo profile page

        9/29 - Nikola Vucevic

        There's a lot going on in Orlando this year, but Nikola Vucevic has done enough over the past two seasons to protect himself from getting bumped out of the team's growing, prospect-filled rotation. Still only 23 years old, Vucevic could man the middle for the Magic and provide one of the most reliable sources of 14 and 11 in the league, even as players like Elfrid Payton, Victor Oladipo and Aaron Gordon pop up around him. (AK)Nikola Vucevic profile page

        9/29 - Al Jefferson

        Year in and year out, Al Jefferson is a fantasy basketball superstar. Now that the Charlotte Hornets are legitimate Eastern Conference playoff threats, Jefferson's status as a league leader is only going to grow. Jefferson's ADP is 14.0 so far this fall, but he should be taken even sooner in deep leagues where quality centers are always in short supply. (AK)Al Jefferson profile page

        9/29 - Nikola Mirotic

        The long wait is over, Nikola Mirotic will officially suit up in the NBA in 2014-15. Although we have high hopes for Mirotic in Chicago's rotation, don't assume that his track record in Europe will translate to immediate statistical production in the league (especially behind Noah and Gasol). Mirotic is worth a flyer in deep leagues, but hold off in smaller leagues as we don't have anything concrete on which to base his Year 1 contributions. (AK)Nikola Mirotic profile page

        9/29 - Terrence Jones

        Terrence Jones turned into quite the formidable force in 2013-14 and that's left fantasy basketball fans wondering what to make of him heading forward. Expect Jones to start at the 4 now, but despite his promise at age 22, don't think that he'll be overshadowing Dwight Howard any time soon. At least with Omer Asik gone, Jones' spot in the Rockets rotation is fortified. Draft him as a productive reserve. (AK)Terrence Jones profile page

        9/29 - Josh Smith

        The move to Detroit really hurt Josh Smith's fantasy value, but the forward may not be a lost cause. We like Smith's fit with Andre Drummond, it's the presence of Greg Monroe that creates the logjam in Detroit's frontcourt. Take a deep breath, Pistons fans, only one more year. Also. expect Stan Van Gundy to improve this ball club. That may mean a smaller role for Smith on offense in 2014-15, but don't be surprised to see his other numbers improve. (AK)Josh Smith profile page
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