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10/02 - Kyle Singler

Singler received a surprise 5 year, 25 million dollar contract from the Thunder this season, so they must have really liked what he gave them last year in Durant's absence. He averaged over 20 minutes per game last season, though he will not get that much this season. He will serve as a good back-up for the Thunder, but not for your fantasy starters. (DH)Kyle Singler profile page

10/02 - Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka was relied on to score last year more than ever before, and we think that hurt his game overall. With KD returning this season, we'd bet the house on Ibaka returning to form and more. Don't be surprised if he surpasses 3 blocks per game again, and his field goal percentage is certain to get back up too without over 3 3-pointers attempted per game. Consider that he averaged .7 3-point shots per game the prior 2 years. The Durant injury really buried the Thunder last year. (DH)Serge Ibaka profile page

10/02 - DeJuan Blair

Blair never found the minutes with the Wizards due to the presence of Humphries, Gortat, Nene, and Gooden. With word out of Washington and the Wizards want to stretch the floor more next to Gortat, it seems like it's going to be just as tough for Blair to get minutes this year. He was always a solid player in the minutes he was given with San Antonio so it's a bit surprising that the Wizards can't find a way to use him. Avoid. (DH)DeJuan Blair profile page

10/02 - Kris Humphries

Humphries is a decent option for forward depth, as he generally does a lot with the minutes he is given. He may not be the 14 point/11 rebound guy he became at one point with the Nets, but then again he is also lucky enough to not be married to a Kardashian anymore. So he has that in his favor. (DH)Kris Humphries profile page

10/02 - Tiago Splitter

Splitter is in a new situation this season, backing up Horford and Millsap in Atlanta after spending his career with the Spurs. He should serve as the first big off the bench and can do a little of everything. He always provides a good level of statistical efficiency when he is on the court, and will provide good big man depth for your roster if he comes at the right price. (DH)Tiago Splitter profile page

10/02 - Derrick Rose

Rose may have fractured his face, but you'll really be stretching it if you blame him for that. A stray elbow to the orbital bone has no relation to Rose's past injury history, and the Bulls say he will be back in 2 weeks and ready for the regular season opener. This might mean Rose can be had for an even bigger discount come draft day. Take advantage. (DH)Derrick Rose profile page

10/02 - Vince Carter

Entering his 18th NBA season, Carter has a bench role in Memphis and is no longer worth owning on any fantasy roster. He still may be a better dunker than most of the league, but the 38 year old can only give so much over the course of an actual NBA game. (DH)Vince Carter profile page

10/02 - Jason Thompson

After spending his entire career with Sacramento, Thompson will begin the season with the Warriors and will serve as a back-up to Bogut and Green. He fits the scheme much better than David Lee, who was relegated to being a fan on the bench. Thompson will actually get minutes and allow the W's to remain fresh, but his fantasy upside is limited. (DH)Jason Thompson profile page

10/02 - DeAndre Jordan

Jordan finds himself back with the Clippers after nearly signing with the Dallas Mavericks. He will be near the top of the league again in rebounds, blocks, and dunks. He's a beast and his inability to make a simple free throw shouldn't sway you from drafting him. (DH)DeAndre Jordan profile page

10/02 - Leandro Barbosa

Barbosa played decently last year in Golden State, appearing in 66 games. He's a back-up and he doesn't get a lot of minutes. He'll only be worth a look if Curry or Thompson go down. (DH)Leandro Barbosa profile page

10/02 - Miles Plumlee

Miles is a solid player, but it's unlikely his role will ever grow past what it is now. With the addition of Greg Monroe in Milwaukee, minutes will be even harder to come by. He'll put up some efficient stats during his time, but he's not going to be worth having on your fantasy squad except in the deepest of leagues. (DH)Miles Plumlee profile page

10/02 - Boban Marjanovic

Marjanovic is a 7'3" big that has thrived in Euroleague the past few seasons. Now he'll join a San Antonio Spurs team with a new-look frontcourt. It's unclear where Marjanovic will fall in SA's depth chart, but it's not hard to get excited about his efficiency numbers should he stumble upon an opportunity to produce.Boban Marjanovic profile page

10/02 - Brandon Bass

Bass enters a new situation with the Lakers this season, but will serve as the back-up to "rookie" phenom Julius Randle. There won't be enough minutes for Bass to be fantasy relevant, though he will likely find his way on and off many fantasy rosters as filler material. (DH)Brandon Bass profile page

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