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NBA Games

UTA (96)
LAL (101)
KB: 60/4/4
DEN (99)
POR (107)
JN: 11/14/4
MEM (104)
GSW (125)
SC: 46/4/6
LAC (105)
PHO (114)
JL: 16/14/2
NOR (109)
MIN (144)
KT: 28/14/3
ORL (103)
CHA (117)
AG: 22/5/1
SAS (96)
DAL (91)
KA: 15/10/4
PHI (105)
CHI (115)
NM: 32/7/4
IND (97)
MIL (92)
SH: 25/6/3
TOR (103)
BKL (96)
NP: 30/9/5
ATL (98)
WAS (109)
NH: 19/8/8
DET (112)
CLE (110)
JM: 36/4/7
SAC (81)
HOU (116)
PB: 9/4/12
MIA (88)
BOS (98)
HW: 19/9/0
MEM (84)
LAC (110)
CP: 12/2/13
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NBA Headlines

Clint Capela
Capela: 17 rebounds vs. SACApr. 13
Stephen Curry
Curry: 46 points vs. MEMApr. 13
Jordan McRae
McRae: 36 points vs. DETApr. 13
Nikola Mirotic
Mirotic: 5 steals vs. PHIApr. 13
James Harden
Harden: 38 points vs. SACApr. 13
Tim Frazier
Frazier: 15 assists vs. MINApr. 13
Joel Anthony
Anthony: 8 blocks vs. CLEApr. 13
Kobe Bryant
Bryant: 60 points vs. UTAApr. 13
Patrick Beverley
Beverley: 6 steals vs. SACApr. 13
Andre Drummond
Drummond: 18 rebounds vs. MIAApr. 12

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Recent Player Analysis

7/26 - DeMar DeRozan

Whether or not you agree with the contract the Raps signed DeRozan to over the course of the offseason doesn't change the fact that he's one of the premier wings in the NBA (this of course is much more important in PWB leagues than traditional GFC leagues). Don't expect much of an improvement over last year's efficiency numbers - which were easily career bests - but don't shy away from making a modest investment in the 26-year-old should you find a price you're comfortable with. Toronto seems to have found something that's working for them and they appear be doubling down on it. (AK)DeMar DeRozan profile page

7/26 - Jimmy Butler

No longer just a fill-in star for the then-hobbled Derrick Rose, Butler officially established himself as a standalone stud for the Bulls in 2015-16. Unfortunately, just as quickly as they addressed their backcourt log jam by shipping Rose out, they filled it again with the somewhat weird addition of Dwyane Wade. It was incredibly easy to picture Butler posting 24-25 points per game in 2016-17, but now much of that hinges on the role in which Fred Hoiberg will wish to deploy Wade. Consider last year's production Butler's new floor and cross your fingers for more. (AK)Jimmy Butler profile page

7/26 - Pau Gasol

One of the most underrated players of this generation, Gasol waited until his 15th season to push his fantasy production to a whole new level. Consider this, at age 35, Gasol posted better FPPM numbers than either Karl-Anthony Towns or LaMarcus Aldridge. Sure he'll be leaving a Chicago team that desperately needed him to be the token adult in their lineup, but the system that he'll be joining in San Antonio is synonymous with both efficiency and longevity. He may not set new per-minute bests, but don't be surprised if he comes close. (AK)Pau Gasol profile page

7/26 - Kyle Lowry

While it feels as though Lowry has been a modest and essentially stagnant fantasy star for as long as he's been in Toronto, the late-blooming point guard has gradually improved almost every year since 2009. There has been and will continue to be a steep drop off between Lowry and the peers ahead of him at his position, but you could at least argue that he'll be more motivated than ever to improve yet again in the season following Toronto's unexpected Conference Finals appearance. (AK)Kyle Lowry profile page