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NBA Games

UTA (96)
LAL (101)
KB: 60/4/4
DEN (99)
POR (107)
JN: 11/14/4
MEM (104)
GSW (125)
SC: 46/4/6
LAC (105)
PHO (114)
JL: 16/14/2
NOR (109)
MIN (144)
KT: 28/14/3
ORL (103)
CHA (117)
AG: 22/5/1
SAS (96)
DAL (91)
KA: 15/10/4
PHI (105)
CHI (115)
NM: 32/7/4
IND (97)
MIL (92)
SH: 25/6/3
TOR (103)
BKL (96)
NP: 30/9/5
ATL (98)
WAS (109)
NH: 19/8/8
DET (112)
CLE (110)
JM: 36/4/7
SAC (81)
HOU (116)
PB: 9/4/12
MIA (88)
BOS (98)
HW: 19/9/0
MEM (84)
LAC (110)
CP: 12/2/13
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NBA Headlines

Clint Capela
Capela: 17 rebounds vs. SACApr. 13
Stephen Curry
Curry: 46 points vs. MEMApr. 13
Jordan McRae
McRae: 36 points vs. DETApr. 13
Nikola Mirotic
Mirotic: 5 steals vs. PHIApr. 13
James Harden
Harden: 38 points vs. SACApr. 13
Tim Frazier
Frazier: 15 assists vs. MINApr. 13
Joel Anthony
Anthony: 8 blocks vs. CLEApr. 13
Kobe Bryant
Bryant: 60 points vs. UTAApr. 13
Patrick Beverley
Beverley: 6 steals vs. SACApr. 13
Andre Drummond
Drummond: 18 rebounds vs. MIAApr. 12 Video

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Recent Player Analysis

4/18 - John Holland

Holland was a late-season pickup for the playoff-bound Celtics, but he didn't end up cracking the rotation in the regular season. There's a chance he returns for 2016-17.John Holland profile page

3/17 - Xavier Munford

The Memphis Grizzlies have added Munford through the NBA's hardship rules. The undrafted 23-year-old point guard has been a factor in D-League play, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will translate into success at this level.Xavier Munford profile page

3/11 - Alan Williams

The Phoenix Suns have added the services of an undrafted bruiser to the lineup. Williams could surprise some as a solid rebounder on a team in flux, but he'll likely only hold value in the deepest of leagues.Alan Williams profile page

3/10 - Coty Clarke

The Boston Celtics have picked up an undrafted wing to fill minutes down the stretch. Clarke played consistently for the club's D-League affiliate, but he may not see too many minutes for the big league squad.Coty Clarke profile page