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NBA Games

WAS (112)
PHI (120)
JW: 29/8/14
MEM (92)
IND (102)
MT: 12/6/2
BOS (97)
TOR (107)
DD: 43/5/5
MIA (108)
ATL (90)
TJ: 23/5/5
DAL (84)
MIN (97)
KT: 26/18/3
LAL (93)
OKL (110)
RW: 17/18/17
UTA (109)
MIL (95)
GA: 33/12/3
PHO (121)
CHI (128)
JB: 22/3/9
BKL (109)
DEN (129)
MP: 12/12/8
SAS (105)
LAC (97)
BG: 29/9/5
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07:00 pm
07:30 pm
08:00 pm
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Current Time: 06:37 am

NBA Headlines

DeMar DeRozan - TOR
DeRozan: 43 points vs. BOSFeb. 24
Giannis Antetokounmpo - MIL
Antetokounmpo: 5 steals vs. UTAFeb. 24
Ricky Rubio - MIN
Rubio: 14 assists vs. DALFeb. 24
Karl-Anthony Towns - MIN
Towns: 18 rebounds vs. DALFeb. 24
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: Triple-double vs. LALFeb. 24
John Wall - WAS
Wall: 14 assists vs. PHIFeb. 24
Bradley Beal - WAS
Beal: 40 points vs. PHIFeb. 24
Kevin Durant - GSW
Durant: 25/15/7/1/1 vs. LACFeb. 23
LeBron James - CLE
James: Triple-double vs. NYKFeb. 23
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 14 assists vs. NORFeb. 23

Recent Player Analysis

2/22 - Lou Williams

Williams has had a fantastic season with the green light in Los Angels, but now that he's been traded to the Rockets, it's unlikely he will continue to put up similar numbers. This might be your last chance to trade him with fantasy trade deadlines approaching. Send out offers and get what you can get. There's no chance he continues to perform to the same level of efficiency in either standard or production leagues. (DH)Lou Williams profile page

2/21 - Tim Frazier

Frazier, who put up big numbers and played well while Jrue Holiday was out for the first part of the season, could be in line for a boost in minutes after Buddy and Tyreke were traded. His minutes have been way down. Don't be surprised to see more two point guard lineups with Jrue and Frazier playing next to each other. The Pelicans could still make another move to acquire more back-court help, so don't drop anybody important to pick him up. He could be worth a flyer if you have a spare spot, however. (DH)Tim Frazier profile page

2/21 - Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones could be on the move now that the Pelicans have acquired Boogie Cousins. If the Pelicans are unable to trade him, Jones will lose a lot of value. Depending on his landing spot if they are indeed able to trade him, he could see an increase in value. Keep an eye on this situation. Now might be the time to buy low in a trade. (DH)Terrence Jones profile page

2/21 - Buddy Hield

Buddy is about to get a major opportunity in Sacramento, but just because the Kings' owner thinks he is the next Steph Curry, doesn't mean anybody else feels that way. While there is a slim chance he could make an impact in standard leagues down the stretch, it's unlikely he is efficient enough in big minutes to be worthy of a roster spot, especially in production leagues. (DH)Buddy Hield profile page

2/21 - Willie Cauley-Stein

To those of you hanging on to Willie at the time of the trade of DeMarcus Cousins, you are one of the winners of the Boogie trade. Caulie-Stein is certain to get free reign in Sacramento, and 30+ minutes every night. Considering he has upped his play anyways in recent weeks, the newly available minutes are well earned, and make Willie a fantasy playoff sleeper. If he's a free agent, pick him up. (DH)Willie Cauley-Stein profile page