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NBA Games

UTA (96)
LAL (101)
KB: 60/4/4
DEN (99)
POR (107)
JN: 11/14/4
MEM (104)
GSW (125)
SC: 46/4/6
LAC (105)
PHO (114)
JL: 16/14/2
NOR (109)
MIN (144)
KT: 28/14/3
ORL (103)
CHA (117)
AG: 22/5/1
SAS (96)
DAL (91)
KA: 15/10/4
PHI (105)
CHI (115)
NM: 32/7/4
IND (97)
MIL (92)
SH: 25/6/3
TOR (103)
BKL (96)
NP: 30/9/5
ATL (98)
WAS (109)
NH: 19/8/8
DET (112)
CLE (110)
JM: 36/4/7
SAC (81)
HOU (116)
PB: 9/4/12
MIA (88)
BOS (98)
HW: 19/9/0
MEM (84)
LAC (110)
CP: 12/2/13
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NBA Headlines

Clint Capela
Capela: 17 rebounds vs. SACApr. 13
Stephen Curry
Curry: 46 points vs. MEMApr. 13
Jordan McRae
McRae: 36 points vs. DETApr. 13
Nikola Mirotic
Mirotic: 5 steals vs. PHIApr. 13
James Harden
Harden: 38 points vs. SACApr. 13
Tim Frazier
Frazier: 15 assists vs. MINApr. 13
Joel Anthony
Anthony: 8 blocks vs. CLEApr. 13
Kobe Bryant
Bryant: 60 points vs. UTAApr. 13
Patrick Beverley
Beverley: 6 steals vs. SACApr. 13
Andre Drummond
Drummond: 18 rebounds vs. MIAApr. 12

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Recent Player Analysis

7/29 - Isaiah Thomas

Chronically underrated, Thomas may have finally carved out a name for himself after leading the Boston Celtics to the postseason in 2015-16. Don't expect to get him late in your fantasy drafts this year, but don't go extending yourself for him either. The guard position is a relatively deep one this season, but Thomas remains one of the best options for when all of the obvious contenders have been taken. (AK)Isaiah Thomas profile page

7/29 - Eric Bledsoe

It's hard to know exactly what the Phoenix Suns are planning these days, so investing in an opportunistic star like Bledsoe is far from a safe bet. On paper, his injury-shortened 2015-16 campaign was his most efficient yet but in reality, his name has come up in trade rumors and he's coming off of a torn meniscus. There are too many good guards in the NBA to justify reaching for Bledsoe, but at the right price (read: slightly discounted due to the aforementioned caveats) he could be worth a flyer. (AK)Eric Bledsoe profile page

7/29 - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Perhaps one of the hardest players to gauge heading into the 2016-17 draft season, the most important thing for fantasy GMs to remember is that Antetokounmpo's overall season stats do little to represent the growth he displayed after being moved to the point mid-way through the year. Antetokounmpo averaged 19, 9 and 7 after the All-Star break last season and has established himself as a comfortable alternative to the likes of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Perhaps the security isn't quite there, but the ceiling is likely even higher. (AK)Giannis Antetokounmpo profile page

7/29 - Kemba Walker

After four years of relatively stagnant production, Walker raised his game to a new level in 2015-16. Fortunately for Hornets fans, the improvement correlated with the club's first postseason victory since 2002. Expect more of Walker in the spotlight in 2016-17 as the club did little this offseason to suggest he'll be seeing a smaller role any time soon. He averaged 21 and 5 in over 35 minutes per night this past season, I don't think it's unreasonable for him to push 23 and 7 with another year under his belt. (AK)Kemba Walker profile page